Neste Rally Finland (in english)


Neste Rally Finland (in english)


Jyväskylä, 27.7.-30.7.2017

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Experience more in a WRC rally!

Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Neste Rally Finland, is a living legend. The international motorsport event, based in Central Finland, is known around the world for its fast flowing gravel stages, spectacular jumps and fabulous lakeside sceneries. The rally is one of the biggest annual events in the Nordic countries, and also attracts one of the largest entries in the Championships.

Host town Jyväskylä will turn into a proper capital city of rallying, the international and unique atmosphere of which is praised by both the teams and rally-goers alike. In the Neste Rally Finland VIP events, guests get to experience the rally in the best spectator areas and enjoy the high-quality settings on both the city special stages and out on the route. VIP events are organised on each day of the rally: the Harju city special stage on both Thursday and Friday as well as the Äänekoski-Valtra special stage on Friday and Saalahti on Saturday.

All the Neste Rally Finland VIP Functions include:

» Classy buffet dinner
» 2 pcs drink coupon / guest and alcohol-free beverages
» Stylish VIP Area with bar or terrace
» On-line results service
» Great view of the Special Stage
» VIP-hostess/-host to look after guests
» Exclusive sanitation facilities
» Admission to Service Park Paviljonki, with special access to our VIP Lounge


City Classic VIP Harju – a totally revamped city special stage classic

The super popular Harju city special is a 2.3-kilometre long firecracker of a stage driven twice in the heart of Jyväskylä. There will be plenty of entertaining programming even before the start of the stage, e.g. the Finland 100 Neste Rally Classic Show Run, with the most legendary rally cars from the past decades of Rally Finland as the stars of the show. The Jyväskylä Paviljonki Rally HQ and Service Park are only a walking distance away from the Harju VIP area. The marvellously revamped Harju VIP area offers a wide range of viewing possibilities onto the stage – great experiences guaranteed in city surroundings rare in the world of rallying.

You can choose either the intense opening stage of the rally, i.e. SS1, on Thursday evening or Friday night’s SS13 that decides who is the king of Harju.

City Classic VIP Harju 1, Thu 27.7. at 17:00-22:00
Buffet dinner at 17:30-19:30. SS1 at 19:00*

City Classic VIP Harju 2, Fri 28.7. at 18:00–23:00
Buffet dinner at 18:30–20:30. SS13 at 20:30*.

Price €269 / person (+ VAT 24%)




Rally Experience VIP Koivisto – the thrill of speed in the countryside

The Äänekoski-Valtra special stage, driven twice in the Koivistonkylä village in Äänekoski, is a fast-paced 7.4-kilometre long thriller that keeps you “on the edge of your seat” from start to finish. The Rally Experience VIP Koivisto is located in idyllic countryside, along an extremely high-speed section of the stage, with a picturesque village school building and school yard as it’s setting. This is real authentic rallying in a unique environment, which only a traditional Finnish countryside milieu and Neste Rally Finland can provide.

You can choose either SS8 that starts in the warmth of the early afternoon, or the superbly fast-paced SS11 driven in the late afternoon.

Rally Experience VIP Koivisto, Fri 28.7. at 13:30–16:30
Buffet lunch at 13:30–15:00. SS8 at 15:00*.

Rally Experience VIP Koivisto, Fri 28.7. at 16:30–20:00
Buffet lunch at 16:30–18:00. SS11 at 18:09*.

Price €199 / person (+ VAT 24%)


Rally Arena VIP Saalahti – two stages from the best spots

The relaxed and cosy new VIP event in Saalahti offers spectators a 4.4-kilometre long festival of speed – driven twice. The Rally Arena VIP Saalahti is located near the start of the stage, on a school yard from where there are fantastic views onto the stage: a flying entry into a junction and then flat out up a slight slope. Experience two special high-speed pearls of Rally Finland with the same VIP Pass and enjoy a whole afternoon’s worth of rallying in the same spot!

Rally Arena VIP Saalahti 1 & 2, Sat 29.7. at 10:30–17:00
Buffet lunch at 10:30–15:00. SS17 at 12:00* and SS18 at 14:55*.

Price €149 / person (+ VAT 24%)



VIP Services – When you want a bit extra.

We will be happy to tell you about our selection of tailored services, which include e.g.:

»» Action-packed rally rides in a real rally car with a professional driver at the wheel
»» VIP transport to Special Stages by car or helicopter
»» Guided tours to the Service Park and Rally HQ with rally professional
»» Atmospheric wine tastings or lunches/dinners in the settings of your choice

Tell us your wishes, we will build a memorable rally day for you and your guests!

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 * Starting time for first car.